Born and raised in New Jersey as the "quiet one" of eight children, I've always had the heart of a writer. From penning short stories and poems in high school, to scribbling out the beginnings of a book in the parking lot while one of my girls attended dance class, the paper and ink have always been my way of expressing myself.   

As the years passed, however, and single parenthood became a reality, the writing made its way to a corner in my mind. Ejected from the passenger seat of life, I was forced to take over as driver as I raised my children alone. Though I stopped expressing myself creatively, I'll be forever grateful for those years since three children have morphed into happy, productive, amazing human beings.
Now, as I enter another phase of time where the kids are grown and my new hubby has the wine ready at the end of the day, I am pushing hard to reach the dream. With the Lord's help and the encouragement from family and friends, I continue down the path toward publication, enjoying the journey (even the bumps in the road) with excitement. 

- BJ Piper, Writer in Limbo


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